CultureScaping: Agency for Social LiteracIES

CultureScaping: Agency for Social Literacy develops social prototypes and models.
We offer salons, seminars, workshop and programming on variety of social issues including: UX and design assumptions, algorithm structuring, culture biases, organizational ethics, learning differences and spectrum thinking.

We apply sustainable-thinking principles to groups and organizations,
imagining 'culture' as a super-saturated solution of potential, creativity and change;
and social engagement as a dynamic, constantly evolving puzzle.

Our mission is to help others increase their social literacy capacity and cultural sensitivity using situation design and design-thinking to spin curiosity, intrigue and cool into imagination and motivation.

Our expertise is applicable and increasingly vital in media production, social media, big data analysis, infographics and data visualization, UX design, systems classifications, community, team and organizational management, but also to individual professionals in need of social coaching and social media support.

As digital proximity and tension grow, we advocate social literacy as:

i)   an educational and ethical gain,
ii)  the cultural capital of cosmopolitan centers and international collaboration,
iii) a strategic component for accountability, sustainable development and humane growth-
     personal, political, institutional, organizational, corporate, civil, local & international.

Our commitment and our goal is to unpack social complexity in a way that makes it modular, accessible, immediate, thoughtfully and ethically cool, while furthering integrity, respect and future learning across scapes of interest and action.