Ideas are are built environments -- often inherited -- that build other environments.
I work with concepts as if they were substance and material...
creating structures,
colluding in patterns,
reifying connections,
or imposing disconnects...

I work with associations and distinctions: crossing cultures, disciplines, sectors,
information sets, number sets, people sets...
I work with (and against) embedded perceptions, assumptions and social presumptions interrogating circumstance for shadows: what is not visible, what is not seen,
what has been reduced, dismissed, compromised or jettisoned.
I design, create and teach for greater acuity, bandwidth, function and understanding in communication, product-design and environments, helping others to imagine other points of view, purpose, possibilities.

I believe in a radical decency; think that we have yet to achieve civilization...
the appreciation and protection of living systems,
and the sustainable and humane distribution of rights and resources.

contact TAE: taessoglouATgmailDOTcom