Agency for Social Literacy

Imagine culture as a supersaturated solution;
as the potential of life expressed in energy both
material and immaterial, concepts and things.
Culture forms and shapes. It dictates and receives.
It directs meaning but does not exhaust it - nor does it assure or encompass all possible meanings.
Culture is a currency, deriving from and establishing, both familiarity and belonging, converging on a continuum: from our individual 'cultures of one' to our myriad formations of, and in, social assembly.
The potential of a super-saturated solution gives rise to structure which is itself vulnerable to the conditions and circumstances of the situation into which it appears.
Culture gives rise to structure and infrastructure; appearing in forms that are physical and mental, open and closed, specific and general, limiting or, exuberant. All are continuums, and culture is the technology of the social.