Trained in philosophy, semiotics, media and cultural anthropology, with substantive experience as an artist, design/builder, media liaison and more. I created the title thinking-architect in order to quickly reference both the 'what' and the 'how' of my work.         

My medium, message and method are one in the same: Thinking.

My design and fabrication background created a bridge that allowed me to envision concepts as the primary building materials of human exchange and interaction, and ideas as built environments that build other environments.

I investigate how we receive, compose and evaluate ideas and information, scaping for both what is present and what is absent, the particles and particulars of knowledge, meaning, power -- and their interaction.

I teach and design social set structures, stories and strategies for culture, communication and communion.

I interrogate and expose social complexity using structural analogies and metaphors in order to help others to identify and develop their own sense and sense-making, as the increasingly recognised literacies and competencies of life-long learning, inner security and growth - both personal and professional.


Tracy Ann Essoglou is a thinking-architect, with over 30 years of experience as a social-justice activist. She's an independent scholar, author, professor, cultural mediator, translator, information and art curator, and exhibiting conceptual/installation artist. As a creative, she has worked in film, fashion, fine arts, design, design/build construction and as a truck-driver and fabricator... all the while being a global change-agent for human rights and expanded social consciousness.

Dr. Essoglou received her PhD in Philosophy of Communications, from The European Graduate School -- which she also helped to design. Her dissertation entitled "Rendering Dimensions, Surrendering Dominion: An Epistemology of Being-Grounded" was awarded magna cum laude for "thinking … 20-30 years ahead of its time." She received her M.A. in Media Studies from The New School for Social Research, and her B.A. from Hampshire College in cultural studies and semiotics, creating her own major entitled, "Anthropology of Power."

One the founding members of Women's Action Coalition (W.A.C.), she appeared on the Jane Pratt show with Gloria Steinem and Rebecca Walker, and numerous other TV, radio and print interviews.* Her 1995 article "Louder Than Words," has appeared in university course syllabi teaching activism around the world. Other engagements include appearances and production for Croatian television, working with the UN's World Trade Organization, teaching at Mexico's ITAM and consulting to Globalvision's groundbreaking series: "Rights & Wrongs: Human Rights Television, hosted by Charlayne Hunter-Gault. Mpst recently, she was a presenter at Summit-At-Sea (SAS'17) with reknown actor, director and educator, LeVar Burton.

An idea alchemist, interdisciplinary social architect and innovator, her action-oriented philosophy defines a new continuum juxtaposing Identity Politics with "Ethical Frequencies" in what she calls, "Continuum Politics." She theorizes a new philosophical Subject, a code-switching 'cultural hybrid' whose 'situation-design' methodology includes 'extreme-thinking', 'cognitive rupture and passage' and 'geoprimacy' as key features of our current paradigm shift.

Recently returning from seven years restoring a 300 year-old stone farmhouse alone, has led to her current modeling of an eco-methodology called, "Sustainable-Being: Thinking & Self-Design."

Her maxim: We can do more than we think; we can think more than we do.