Service Offerings


Salons are hosted invitational gatherings for small groups of friends, colleagues or project partners, providing an intimate setting for exploration & discussion of social, political, ethical themes in relation to purpose, mission change, community , equality, justice , project, product & service development.


Culture scaping workshops are structured skill-building events. You may choose themes from the menu or propose ideas for custom co-creation to address a specific problem or challenge, develop and extend core social competencies.

Client Project consulting

Dedicated project support (including but not limited to) flipping scrips, code switching, troubleshooting design data points and research sets, invigorating concept-rendering, public communications

Culture Coaching

Culture Coaching provides private consultation, tutoring , mentoring and/or administering to individuals or small groups reckoning with change in their lives, workplace or community

Philosopher-in-Residence residency (PIRR)

Embedded as resident philosopher identifying : core principles, cultural changes, ethical frequency, social (7 environmental)excellence markers, troubleshooting: project architecture, vocals and words, presumptive sets, getting at thick description, activating language and forecasting pivotal trends

Thinking Architects Patron (TAP)

TAP is an opportunity for you to fund my work, Contributions can be made as one time event or an ongoing basis at your discretion.