With decades of experience, Tracy Ann Essoglou PhD, supports groups and individuals remain at the forefront of culture and change by empowering them with the perspective and tools of social literacy.



Social Literacy is a framework for understanding social identities, their intersection, overlap, interaction and complexity. Tracy Ann Essoglou teaches thinking, empowering individuals, across demographics, disciplines and sectors, ages and origins with methods and means to social, cultural and personal growth for justice, equality, peace, individual and interpersonal security.



In the business context, her social literacy consulting helps thought leaders anticipate and avoid unintentional PR disasters. She saves companies and highly visible industry leaders time and money by getting language, policies, structures, and deliverables socially up to speed before incidents happen.  

EXAMPLE: Tracy is who you comm before you launch your tweet, diversity memo, HR manual, campaign, shoot or promo piece

In the salon or seminar context, she teaches participants to see themselves in social continuums that deliver a better sense of self worth, higher productivity, and more meaningful work/team experiences with colleagues. 

EXAMPLE: Tracy conducts the memorable professional development of the decade with your company. Your HR conflicts decline by a marked amount and employees rate higher job satisfaction after company makes minor changes to office ethics policies.

As a keynote speaker, Tracy is a uniquely experienced, informed and informative, and engaging speaker. She provides transformative wisdom drawn from her multi-decade perspective, her own hybrid cultural origins, years of activism, as well as academic, professional and experiential authority. She brings topics to the table that few others are willing to approach, packaged in easily-integrated language, images, metaphors and models designed and cultivated over 30 years of research, interrogation and refinement.

EXAMPLE: Tracy shared the stage at Summit at Sea 2016 with actor LeVar Burton discussing race, division, power and activism(s) the morning after the 2016 presidential election. 

See:  http://www.vogue.com/13507029/summit-at-sea-end-of-the-world/

Don’t come to me with the language of disruption and not show me any.
— Tracy Ann Essoglou PhD


Themes Unique to Culturescaping                                                 Competencies & Practices

  • Continuum Politics & Ethical Frequencies
  • Extreme Thinking
  • Power Is/As Medium
  • Repurposing Privilege
  • The Tyranny of Cool
  • Culture translation & cultural fluency
  • Comprehenisve shared & shareable, civic & cultural engagement for equality & justice
  • Philosophical coaching, counseling & consulting

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