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Build, Create, Design: Maker's Showcase. Hampshire College. Amherst, MA.

Looking forward to sharing Culturescaping & ConceptWares with HC alumni community.
I entered Hampshire as a maker (textile crafts mostly) but wasn't up to the challenge
of imagining myself an artist - or philosopher - yet. I accidentally became a semiotician, and less accidentally, a Cultural Studies major. Leaving HC, I pursued all kinds of art paths: making, exhibiting, trucking, fabrication, curation and installation: wanting to: "build what I can think."
I'm extremely pleased to be back these past two semesters as a guest lecturer/visiting prof and now as 'thinking-architect' for this showcase.


CULTURESCAPING: Agency for Social Literacy
Social-prototyping and teaching-models for social justice and global cultural engagement.
Salons and seminars on social literacy for individuals, social impact organizations, activists, community groups, HRs, media and communications professionals. Also, philosophical coaching/counseling.

Workshops: SociaLit!, Continuum Politics & Ethical Frequencies. Extreme Thinking, Scaping, The Tyranny of Cool, The Next Ism(s)...


ConceptWares: Meaning thru Form
Concept-rendering for social impact. We are bridging social sciences, design-thinking and meaning-creation with theorising, prototyping and modeling. Our work supports better: data filtering & visualization; UX-, organizational-, policy- & communication-design.

Off-shoot Org: Pulling together new friends, newly-met HC alums and others to help me guide Culturescaping, Social Literacies… and my other endeavors, it occurred to me that we were an ad hoc assembly of concept technologists [Luke Kaven], a.k.a., social scientists, artists, thinkers and tinkerers engaging with the delivery of meaning through form and what Sylvio Codella calls: dimensional imagination.
Projects Include: SociaLit Compass, SociaLit Fortune Teller, Scapes, CloudCover desktop...