Art is sort of an experimental station in which one tries out living.
— John Cage

the IDEA that is OffSiteLAB:
... a thinking & building laboratory for being & sense;
a drop-in centre for the safe & sane support of living forms and forms of living
a resource & research facility for creative experience & sustenance, sustainable thinking, 'old' & 'new' knowledge integration,
vernacular intelligence(s) & practice, cultural translation, design-thinking, resolutionary engagement,
social literacy, activism & forecasting, eco-logical community praxis & culturescaping
division of situation design inc © TAE




OFFSITELAB DETAILED PROJECT LIST       [Note: some items will require experience and/or expertise.]

Clean. Dust. Vacuum. Wash…
  Make food, coffee, art, music, play with kitties, nap, read, research… imagine, share, build.

  Oil beams and bottom of floor boards throughout house.
  Take apart small wood stove and chimney cover. Clean.
  Insulate around rear chimney hole in roof.

Rebuild staircase between ground and first floor:
   Photo. Number pieces. Dismantle. Cut from new wood (pretreat). Reassemble.
   Strip tree trunk support surfaces.
   Strip stairway wall of cement.

   Strip Guestroom walls of old concrete.
   Empty. Plastic floor. Take down surface. Resurface.
   Repair to rear window frame. Shutters.

   Clean vinyl truck tarp flooring.
   Seal wall cracks.
   Oil beams & cross pieces (repair).
   White wash walls.
    Set up 2nd bathroom plumbing & parts.

   Run plumbing lines for water kitchen, bathroom and upstairs to attic bath.
   Get water turned back on.
   Plumber with cinch tool.
   Decide and build support for kitchen sink and bathtub.
   Bolt down toilet.

   Get electricity turned back on.
   Run electrical wiring into boxes throughout.

   Get estimates for insulating & reroofing.

   Design & build roof.

   Clean out barn.
   Repairs to window frames, door-frames…
   Design anti-seismic system, crack repairs in rear, layout...


Clean yard.

⌂ Plant veggie garden.

⌂ Weed and repair walkways.

⌂ Move front doorstep stone and fix stone slabs in front.

⌂ Repair stone wall along front gutter.

⌂ Level uneven areas.

⌂ Permaculture layout for additional planting – especially more trees.

Design, find, make divider and bucket system for gray waste water filtration.