We've been through a lot.

Meet Daisy.
She is a mentally-challenged kitty. She was deprived of oxygen during her birth and has had a lot of special needs and difficulties. Of all her brothers and sisters, she's the last one standing, in part due to the fact that she doesn't know how to stray or fend for herself which has kept her close to home...
Daisy and I have been through a lot. She was declared dead three times by the vet but came back after I refused to give up on her. Saving her, myself and the house has been a deep and complex experience that I would like to share in kind with others who are moved to venture beyond convenience and the conventional.

The possibilities are immense but it does take a certain passion and flexibility of self to negotiate uncommon materials, culture, language, mind and modes. Feel free to post questions or comments below or reach out to me behind the scenes.
Wishes all.