WAC: Women's Action Coalition, New York City, 1992...

The Women's Action Coalition made itself a remarkable -- if fallible organization -- transforming the political landscape with direct action, extraordinary collaboration and creative intelligence. Our work set some records and our know-how remains a largely untapped reservoir of our individual work and insights today.

For the full story, read my chapter: Louder than Words: A W.A.C. Chronicle, in But Is It Art?: The Spirit of Art As Activism, edited by Nin Felshin and published by Bay Press, Seattle, 1995.

PDF: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/302381308_Louder_Than_Words_A_WAC_Chronicle

From January 1992 through 1994, I was a founding member of WAC's media committee, authoring most of the early press releases by which -- along with our graphics and our drum corp -- garnered national and international media attention. My roles were many: media liaison, action strategist, spokesperson and philosopher-at-large. As WAC grew and my phone number was released as the office number, I also assumed the coordination WACNET, the network of affiliate groups across U.S. and internationally.

Media engagements and interviews: [documentation available]
Jane Pratt Show, Lifetime Cable- “Third Wave Feminism,” with Gloria Steinem & Rebecca Walker.
AM/Philadelphia, WPVI-W- one hour program on “Contraception and Women's Rights.”
Good Day New York, Fox News 5- “NYC Activism, Women and WAC.”
NY1 - Feminist Response to Madonna's book, Sex.
MTV - Public Service Announcement.
VH1- Public Service Announcement.
Interviews for ABC, BBC, CNN, NBC.

WBAI New York, WCBS New York, CXLN Toronto, Canada,
Radio Today, Japan, Fréquence Plurielle, Paris, France.

Print Media:
The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Houston Chronicle, The Toronto Star, Newsday,

The Washington Times, New York Magazine, Elle, Glamour, Sassy, Sacramento Bee, La Liberation and Elle: Paris, France, El Financero: Mexico City, Mexico.